Tuesday, 5 June 2012

LuxBox - May

Hi everyone, today's post is going to be a beauty box post. Now I've stopped putting my GlossyBox post up every month as they are so many posts about it I don't want to get repetitive and bore you all so I decided I would stop that. That been said I do also subscribe to a newer beautybox on the market and that is LuxBox, I don't see many posts up about this so have decided I will continue to so a monthly round up of this box.

So this is the May edition of the LuxBox and their 2nd ever box (see my first box post here).

As you can see by the photos the packaging is lovely. The box is a pale lilac colour with the LuxBox logo and name on it. Once opened you can access the little leaflet which tells you what is in this months box. The products are carefully packaged inside black tissue paper with a LuxBox pink sticker sealing them in. 
I like the packaging, very girly and simple.

And here is what is in Mays' LuxBox.....

Here is just a run down and not reviews as I haven't had chance to try the products out.

  1. Murad Exfoliating Cleanser - I have never tried any Murad products so am really pleased to see this in here.
  2. Di Palomo Hand and Nail Cream - Never tried or heard of this brand so am intrigued to try this out and research a little on the brand. Always on the look out for a good hand cream.
  3. Senationelle Flicktips - These look interesting. Looking forward to giving these a try. If they work and I can apply these easily enough I think they will be great.
  4. Papier Poudre Rachel Booklet - I was a bit unsure what these were but after reading up they are papers that's have special absorbent qualities that cleanse pores lifts oil and dust from the face and soak up any excess oils. It leaves a delicate trace of powder to leave a matte finish. They come in 3 shades and I have been given the darkest shade which I don't think will be any good but again am intrigued by the product and although I don't tent to suffer from oily skin these will be nice to carry around for those just in case moments.
  5. The Rosebud Perfume Co Mocha Rose Tube - A chocolaty scented lip balm. Looks like a good quality balm with a squeezy tube and plastic hygenic applicator. Not tried this brand either so will be good to try them out.
So for me this has been a box of new brands which I do like as it gives me the chance to find new brands and new products which is the whole idea of a beauty box. I think this is a great box and Lux have done a great job on their second box. Will definitely be keeping my subscription to see what June brings.

Lux Box is available for subscription on their website and is £12.95 per month including p+p.

Danielle x

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  1. I may have to look into this as it's the only UK beauty subscription box I haven't heard of! xo