Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Lippy Wednesday - Rimmel 1000 Kisses Lip Tint in Carry On Cherry

Hello Again, yes two posts in one day what is going on? I've had a bit of time today and got such a back log of hauls and posts I need to get on so I'm just going to try and bang them out until I'm up to date.

So this item was included in my What I Loved In March post (available here) as I have enjoyed using it so much since I picked it up. It's Rimmel's offering of the lip tint/balm lip products that have been so popular lately.

So Rimmel's 1000 Kisses Lip Tint + Balm is a transfer proof lip tint with a lip balm to be applied over the top to help keep the lips moisturised.

So as you can see by the photos it comes in a pen like package with a felt tip like end which is the lip tint on one end and on the other end is the clear lip balm. I really like the packaging, it fits snugly into my make up bag and keeps the product safe so all fine with me on that front.

Application is pretty easy, I applied like a lip liner first, used the pen to outline the lips and then filled in the lips. Once dried I applied the balm and here is the outcome.

Carry On Cherry is a lovely cherry red colour and think it would suit most skin tones. Lasting power is pretty good and still had some tint on after about 5-6 hours. I picked mine up in Tesco for £5.99. I've already bought in 2 more shades as I love the formulation and application so much.

Have you tried any of the new tint/balm duos knocking about yet?

Danielle : )

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