Saturday, 18 February 2012

Review – Lush Mango Bath Melt


I love Lush. Loved it for ages and think I always will. Most things I have tried from there I've really enjoyed and repurchased. When I was wondering around the other day I realised I'd never tried a bath melt before (I tend to buy the comforter bubble bar, my fav bath product). So I picked up the Mango Bath Melt as I loved the smell a bit more than the other melts.

The bath melt spells amazing, so citrusy. The lady in the shop (how helpful are Lush staff? There amazing) also said it's good for dry skin which I have so was looking forward to trying it out.

What Lush say "Give yourself a citrus wake up call and mango yourself with avocado, mango and cocoa butters. Lemongrass, lime and lemon essential oils give you a zest and help lift your mind out of the blues and into an orange glow of cheeriness. A tiny bar of powerful skin-softening butters makes this great for dry skins."

Surprise surprise I loved it. The whole of my house upstairs smelt incredible once this was in the bath. Once in the bath I could feel how the melt had left the water feeling very silky from the oils. I was really surprised when I got out of the bath by how moisturised, soft and silky my skin felt.

I highly recommend this product, not only does it leave your skin feeling amazing but the smell is so invigorating.

I bought mine in store at Lush for £2.95 for 30g, it is available on there website here.

Thanks, Danielle x


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    1. Lush stuff is always cute somehow x

  2. This sounds lovely, i will definitely pick one up! Thanks :) xx

    1. Yeah I definetley recommend it. Have you ever tried the Comforter Bubble bar x