Monday, 20 February 2012

Review : Avon Shine Attract Lipsticks

Hello Everyone,

So today I'm going to talk about Avon's new Shine Attract Lipsticks. The lipstick comes in an option of 10 shades. I picked up Cherry Pie and Rose Bouquet.
What Avon say about their newest lipstick range "Coverage that's never sticky, creamy moisture and lustrous colour, deluxe silver packaging. Lasting, full-colour lipstick with an outer gel layer for sumptuous satin shine*. Non-sticky*. Layer up for greater intensity. SPF15"

I really liked the uniqueness that they have the lipstick colour running in the middle and a moisturising gel running around the colour.

Cherry Pie
Rose Bouquet

The packaging of the lipsticks is really simple but sophisticated. It has a clear top so is easy to see the product. It's slimline and really pretty to look at. I really like the packaging.
L-R Rose Bouquet, Cherry Pie
Now onto the product itself. Now both colours were slightly different so I'll talk about them separately.
Cherry Pie
Cherry Pie is a lovely pink shade. The formula glides on really nicely and feels more like a balm than a lipstick. The pigment was about 6/10 it leaves a lovely tint that can be built up with a glossy finish. It is very moisturising. I found it to last for about 2 hours.

Rose Bouquet
Rose Bouquet is more a peachy pink. The formula is very much the same and is very moisturising. The difference with this is that the pigment is not as much, about 4/10 but still leaves a slight tint with a nice glossy finish.

Now I did really like these but I wouldn't class them as lipsticks, to me there more of a glossy lip balm.

I bought these from my local Avon rep at the introductory price of £5 and think this is very reasonable. I think the normal price will be around £8.00.
Has anyone else tried these? What did you think?
Danielle x:)


  1. Love the packaging! Cherry Pie looks so pretty! xx

  2. I like them both! Hopped over for the blog hop! Following!

    1. Thanks. I'll check out your blog x

  3. I have been rather hesitant to try any Avon products but since one of my friends works as a rep for them, might as well check them out - the packaging looks really nice, and I like the colours, especially the Cherry Pie one!