Thursday, 9 February 2012

My New Mac Shadows

Hope everyone is well today. I'm feeling a bit poop! Think I'm coming down with a cold and my dry skin and eczema is playing up and is so sore! Oh well!

So today I wanted to do a post on some Mac Shadows I picked up from Oh So Fresh As A Daisy's blog sale (items still available here).
I  was so pleased to see Phloof available as this was on my list of ones I wanted so picked that straight away and at £5.50 it was a bargain, I wasn't bothered it was in pan form as I have a Mac palette for my shadows to go in. Phloof is a frosty off white colour and is brilliant for inner corner to create that open eyed awake look and also as a highlighter on the brow bone.
Next one I saw was Sable which wasn't on my list but it looked so lovely and a shade I would get a lot of wear out of, so I got that too for £5.50. Sable is a plumy gold with bronze shimmer.

Here are some photos I took of both shadows used in an everyday look.

Used Painterly paint pot as base, Malt all over lid, Phloof on inner corner of eye and brow bone and Sable in the crease (please try and not look at my eyebrows I'm due my HDs this weekend, lol).
I really like the colours and I think they really compliment each other. I've now got 5 Mac shadows so am slowly building up my collection.

Thanks Danielle x :)


  1. Ah bless you. My sister in law gets terrible eczema so i can start to understand how you feel! Loving those colours :)

    1. My sypmathies to her as its awful. Glad you like the colours, I'm really loving them x

  2. I've wanted Phloof for a long time! Love your eye look too xx

    1. Definetly get it when you get chance it's so beautiful x Thanks Danielle x