Monday, 27 February 2012

Chatty Chat

Hi everyone

Just a little chatty post tonight. So I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend, what did you get up to? Mine was a bit mixed, went to my little brothers new house on Saturday, he has just bought his first house with his partner and it's lovely, really proud of them. On Sunday I went for dinner with the other half, Oscar (my little boy), Brother and his partner and my Dad and his partner. It was lovely and really enjoyed having dinner as a family as someone is always busy doing something so it's hard for us to do something all together. Sunday afternoon was a bit sad as I went with my brother to rehouse his dog Max. Max is 1 and a beautiful black Labrador but has become so uncontrollable and hyper active that they have struggled with him and with moving into their home they made the hard decision he needed to go somewhere better for him where he could get more attention (they both work full time and are hardly home). I hate to see anyone I care about upset so was crying alot for a few hours. My brother was so heartbroken and it was very hard to see. It was the right thing to do and Max will be a lot happier as he has a bigger garden, children and another dog at the new home so I just keep thinking of that and I feel better.

Onto brighter things... I'm almost coming up to the 50 follower mark and am so happy about that. I only started blogging a month ago and never thought I'd come this far. Every time I see a new follower or comment it really lights up my day. I'm enjoying this so much and it's really become a lovely hobby. I'm going to do a giveaway once I hot 50 followers, nothing big but just something so show all my lovely followers my appreciation. Keep the comments coming, I love to interact with you all.

Just to let you know what I have coming up over next week or two. Got a China Glaze NOTD, February favourites, foundation review, Lipstick review on Lipp Wednesdays, face mask of the week, carmine beauty box review when it arrive and possibly an empties post as finishing up a few things. Anyone got anything they would like to see? Do you like the FOTDs and would like more of them? Not always sure people like my ugly mug popping up in posts, lol!

Hate picture free posts so just popped one in for good measure. This is what my blog button looks like. Would love it if anyone would like to put it on there blog, the code is on my blog sidebar.

So that's all from me tonight. Danielle x :)


  1. So sorry to hear about your brother'd dog. It's never easy having to give up a pet.

    At least you had some enjoyable parts to the weekend, and 50 followers is fantastic! Well done! Nice to see another Yorkshire girl on here :)

  2. Thanks Ali means alot. Yeah very excited about the 50 follower mark, so happy. x