Monday, 30 January 2012

Januarys Valentines Edition GlossyBox Review

Hello my lil beautys,

So this morning I got a little something from the post man and boy I was happy to receive it. I'd be looking forward to this little gem for the past few days. It was my GlossyBox!!!!!

The hot pink GlossyBox!

I'm sure everyone knows what GlossyBox is but for those who don't I'll briefly explain. It's a monthly beauty box that includes 5/6 samples and sometimes full size high end beauty products. The idea is to try items from the comfort of your own home and also maybe try items you wouldn't normally buy or maybe cant afford. It is also nice as a monthly gift to your self or maybe a loved one as the also offer gift subscriptions. GlossyBox is £10 pm +pp and is available from GlossyBox website here.

How cute is the packaging??

Well first let me start with the packaging for this months limited edition. Its hot pink and fab. I'm sure I'm not alone in loving this packaging and may be a little tad upset when the pale pink box comes next month. But with all the jumping up and down over the hot pink box out of the way (yes I am that sad, lol) I really liked this months box and feel I will use 4/5 of the products included which hasn't necessarily been the case with all the beauty boxes I have received in the past.

So heres what was inside..............

What do you think to the products included?

So as I've not had time to review all the individual products recieved in the box this will be more of a review on the box itself and a bit of information on the products included. I will be reviewing some of the products at a later date once ive given them a good try and feel ive used them long enough to be able to offer a real review of the individual product (let me know if there is any products you would especially like to see a full review on).

So here goes, included in this months box were:

  • Eyeko - Skinny Liner, Powder pink - Full size £9.50 - This eyeliner is a lovely pale pink colour. When swatched it feels really creamy and doesnt pull or drag on the skin like some eyeliners can. Pigmentation is good and it is a really lovely colour, I think this will look great on the waterline of the eye to create that open eye and more awake look. Eyeko claims it has a long-lasting finish which I will be testing. Love the packaging and am very happy with this product as know it is something I will use.

  • Clarins Extra Firming Night Cream - 15ml sample size - Full size 50ml £48.00 - Clarins are well known for there skincare products and I am excited to try this product. I think it is probably aimed more for mature skin but can be used by all skin types. Clarins do also offer this product in a "very dry skin" option. Clarins’ intensive night-time skin renewal complex including soothing Rosemary, Alfalfa and the revitalising Glistin it claims to lift and tone while you sleep. Anything that can lift and tone my face while I sleep is fine by me. It helps define facial contours and promotes noticably younger looking skin. They are good size samples so will get a good feel for them which I am very happy about.

  • Clarins Extra Firming Day Cream - 15ml sample size - Full size 50ml £46.50 - So this is the day cream that is to be used in conjuction with the above night cream to recieve the best results. Again Clarins offer a "very dry skin" option but the one included in the box is suited to all skin types.  The day cream contains revitalising White Tea and Succory Dock-Cress which helps to lift, tone and smooth to create a younger looking skin. Both the day and night cream have big claims, as im only 24 im not sure I will notice the younger looking skin claim but I will be reviewing these as they skin claim to lift, tone and some the skin. Again very happy with this product.

  • FAB Body Moisturizer - 56.7g large sample size - Full size 226.8g £10.00 - This is the item im the least  excited about as every beauty box have sent body cream/moisturisers out. The FAB moisturizer claims to be a antioxidant booster and that it will nourish the skin, relieve dryness and lock in moisture. It also has no parabens, harsh chemicals or colorants which is good to know. I like my body creams  to smell really lovely and this doesnt! Doesnt really smell of much. It has a really thick consistency. It is suitable for sensitive skin so if you suffer from this and doesnt like a fragrances cream this maybe an option to try. Not sure about this one to be honest but like all products I buy/recieve I will give it a good try.

  • Murad -Hybrids Skin Perfecting Primer - 5ml Sample size - Full size 30ml £29.00 - This is the product I was most exciting about as I have no fixed holy grail primer in my collection and to be honest I need one as I have quite large pores on my cheek area. Murad claim it will ignite a radiant glow and its powered by light enhancing minerals. Its oil free and is designed to create a dewy finish. I wil be doing a full review on this product once I have used the sample.

Also in the box which I thought was so cute was a little piece of GlossyBox rock candy , how sweet - I'm a sucker for this kind of thing.
So thats was my January Valentines Edition of GlossyBox, did you like? Are you a subscriber of GlossyBox or even another beauty box? What did you think to your products?

Well hope you like the post peeps, let me know what you think and if you like I will do one of these every month when my beauty boxes arrive.

Well it's getting late and I'm at work in the morning :( so goodnight and speak soon.

Danielle x :(

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