Monday, 23 January 2012

OPI and China Glaze Spring Purchases

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So recently I've found my self purchasing a few items that will be perfect for the upcoming season of spring. Two of those purchases I am going to talk about in this post. They are some lovely nail polishes. Both of these are perfect shades for spring. The first one is OPIs Do You Lilac It? The second one is China Glazes For Audrey.

Do You Lilac It is a lovely pastel lilac colour. It is so beautiful! (it's not spring yet and I've got it on today) For Audrey is a pastel green and will be perfect in the spring season.
To be honest if I like a colour I tent to wear it no matter what the season. My favourite colours are pink and purple and I wear them all year round. When I saw both these colours though they did remind me of the spring time.
As I find with all OPI and China Glaze polishes they went on my nails lovely and lasted a few days before chipping (this was with a base and top coat). I did notice Do You Lilac It did last slightly longer that For Audrey. I always apply 2 coats and to be honest feel most polishes look better for it.

I bought both polishes off eBay and paid around £8 for Do you Lilac it and £5 for For Audrey which is a bargain as OPI usually retail at £10.50. Both are full size 15ml.

Hope you enjoyed the post. Please comment with any requests of posts you would like to see on my blog. Below are links for each of the polishes.

Danielle x :)

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