Monday, 23 January 2012

My Mac Lipstick Collection

Hello there.

Today I'm going to blog about my Mac lipstick collection. I am a lipstick and lipgloss addict! I have a lot of them to say the least. Even with this been the case I only recently starting collecting Mac lipsticks.

Mac lipsticks retail at £13.50 and come in selection of finishes which I think is great as different people tend to like different finishes. For example I tent to suffer from dry lips and even with a coat of lip balm or vaseline before hand I find I can't pull of matte lipsticks but I know loads of people who love them and they look great in them.

So here is my collection.

From left to right we have Pink nouveux(satin), Vegas volts (amplified), Brave (satin), Milan mode (lustre), Lustering (lustre), and Impassioned (amplified).

My favourite of my collection is Milan mode, it's a beautiful pinky purple with slight shimmers. As it's a lustre finish I find it very moisturising and feel lovely on my lips.

I hope you enjoyed my collection. Thanks, Danielle x :)


  1. I've been dying for Brave for ages!! Haha Gillian x

  2. its my least favourite shade, i seem to suit brighter shades. Danielle x