Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Couture Girl xo Giveaway

Hello again,

Just to let you know about a great giveaway that my fellow blogger is doing. It's her first blog and it's a brill Mac give away. Check out Kayleighs' blog and find out what to do to be in with a chance of winning, Good look everyone.

Danielle x :)

New Twitter

Hello there,

Just to let you know I have set a new Twitter account up for my blog, it's @danziesbitsof. Please follow me and keep up to day with all my going ons!!

Thanks Danielle x :)

My January 2012 Favourites

Hello again,

I cant believe it's the end of January already, how fast has this month gone??
As I love peoples favourite posts/videos I decided I wanted to make that a monthly feature on here. So this is my first one, here is my January 2012 favourites.

I know I have quite allot right! I just couldn't narrow it down, Ive been loving so much this month. I've split it into 4 categories.

Skin Care

Lush - Dream Cream - £10.75 for 240g - This has been my saviour over the winter months. I suffer from eczema sometimes and this really helps soothe and clear it up. As I can also have dry skin on both body and face if I need an extra something this is great and leaves my skin feeling so moisturised. It also smells gorgeous. Brilliant for people with dry or sensitive skin, can't recommend enough. It comes in a bug tub and usually lasts me about a month and I use it a few times a day. It's available from Lush stores or on there website.

Simple - Kind to Eyes Soothing Eye Balm - £3.73 for 100ml - I have really been loving using this eye balm especially on an evening. I wear contacts and sometimes by the evening my eyes can me a bit sore, once I dab a little bit of this onto my eye area it really soothes and refreshes my eyes. It also moisturises well, I sometimes get dry skin on my eyes so this is good too.  Help reduce puffiness and has multi-vitamin goodness so is also great to use in the morning to help look and feel more awake.I bought this from my local Superdrug store, it is also available on their website.

Make up

Estee Lauder - Double Wear Light SPF 10 Foundation - £26.50 - I have been using this foundation nearly everyday recently which is a big thing for me as I have about 5-6 favourite ones that I love and usually reach for on a regular basis! It just seems to provide the right amount of coverage I need for the daytime. Even though it's name would suggest it's a light coverage I would disagree and say it is more a medium. It goes on great with my Elf powder brush that I use to apply my foundation and leaves a lovely natural finish. It lasts through out the day so it does live up to it's long lasting claims. I wear shade intensity 1.0 and bought it from Debenhams. I would advice getting colour matched in-store as £26.50 is a lot to waste if you were to order the wrong colour.

Mac - Powder Blush in Desert Rose (matte finish) - £17.50 - This has been my go to blush recently. I really love the colour it gives my face, leaves it looking really natural and rosy. I bought it from a Mac store but again it is available on there website.

Collection 2000 - Lasting Perfection Concealer in Light 2 - £3.69 - This product is no stranger the favourites post, everyone ravs about this concealer. Love love love this, I have always used my Mac Pro Longwear concealer and it was fine but at £13.50 it's not cheap. After finally giving in to all the fav reviews went and bought a concealer I knew I didn't need but I'm so glad I did. It covers and blends better than the Mac one and is so much cheaper and more widely available. I will definitely be repurchasing this. I bought this from superdrug, I can't find this on their website but it is available in stores.

Estee Lauder - Double Wear Zero Smudge Volume + Lift Mascara in 01 Black - £19.50 - I have found my mascara! After years of searching I have found one I am finally happy with. I have really short lashes and without falsies I never like the way my eye makeup looks but this has changed that. It just works for me, separates the lashes and just gives them the volume I need but without clumping. The only downside is that's it is pricey but I don't mind too much as I used to spend so much on mascara previously just trying to find one I liked! I bought this from the Estee Lauder counter in Debenhams.
I have started to get a few bits from the Estee Lauder Double wear range and really love them all so think I'm going to have a look and add a few more bits to my wish list.

L'Oreal - Super Liner Luminizer Hazel Eyes - £4.70 - I bought this on an impulse whilst having a look on ebay for makeup and am so glad I did. I usually wear black liquid eyeliner and haven't ever really tried any other colour. This one for hazel eyes is a lovely brown and it really looks lovely with my brown eyes. If you find black liner a bit harsh looking I'd definitely give it ago. It's long lasting and doesn't smudge which is a must for liners - no one wants it running down their face I'm sure.

Elf - 2 in 1 Conditioning Lip Gloss in Perfect Pink - £1.50 - I find Elf items a bit hit and miss. Some I really hate but sometimes I find a product I really like. This lip gloss is one of them. It has really good pigmentation and doesn't go on sticky like some glosses do. At £1.50 I can't fault it and it compares to some of my more expensive glosses in my collection. Elf is an online company called eyeslipsandface, check them out, like I said there is some real gems on there. I really like their nail polishes, glosses and makeup brushes. There website is here.


Mac 163 - Contour Brush - £26.00 - This item was very expensive for a brush and I didn't enjoy paying this price at all but with that been said I love the brush. It's brilliant for contouring the face, it gets right in the hollow under the cheekbone to help make that shadow and create a thinner looking face. I've used it everyday since I bought it and can see it been in my collection for a long time (well it wants to bloody be for £26)!
I don't intend on buying many Mac brushes as I have lots of brushes from Elf, Avon, Body Shop and Real Techniques that I really love that are a lot cheaper but I always struggles with a good contour brush hence the purchase. I bought this from Macs website.

Real Techniques Blush Brush - £9.99 - This brush is beautiful to use and also to look at. It is from the range of brushes that Samantha Chapman from PixiWoo has brought out. I have a few brushes from the range and intend to get more as they are such good quality and really affordable. I only got this a few weeks back and have used it everyday for my blush. It works great with both powder and creme blushes. I bought mine from the lovemakeup website, but I have also seen a range of the collection on Ebay.


Boots No7 Stay Perfect Nail Polish in Perky - £7 (£2 with £5off No7 Voucher) - This is the polish I've worn the most this month, its a loevly deep pinky purple colour. It applies really well, I love this ranges brush, makes it so much less messy when painting my nails. I have done a NOTD post with this polish. I got it in my local boots store but is available on their website.

Denny Leighton Correcter - £7.65 - This is a great product if your like me and don't have a steady hand when painting your nails. It comes with a brush which you literally just dip into to correcter sollution and wipe all the mistakes away around your nails. I got this from the feelunique website.

I've not really had any hair product favs this month apart from my Morrocon Oil but thats my Holy Grail hair product so don't want to bore everyone with putting it in every month. If you haven't tried Morronon Oil you are really missing out! 


So thats the lot. Hope you enjoyed the post (I hope you like the use of my GlossyBox in the pictures, it was too pretty not to photo again), let me know what you thought.
Danielle x :)

Monday, 30 January 2012

Januarys Valentines Edition GlossyBox Review

Hello my lil beautys,

So this morning I got a little something from the post man and boy I was happy to receive it. I'd be looking forward to this little gem for the past few days. It was my GlossyBox!!!!!

The hot pink GlossyBox!

I'm sure everyone knows what GlossyBox is but for those who don't I'll briefly explain. It's a monthly beauty box that includes 5/6 samples and sometimes full size high end beauty products. The idea is to try items from the comfort of your own home and also maybe try items you wouldn't normally buy or maybe cant afford. It is also nice as a monthly gift to your self or maybe a loved one as the also offer gift subscriptions. GlossyBox is £10 pm +pp and is available from GlossyBox website here.

How cute is the packaging??

Well first let me start with the packaging for this months limited edition. Its hot pink and fab. I'm sure I'm not alone in loving this packaging and may be a little tad upset when the pale pink box comes next month. But with all the jumping up and down over the hot pink box out of the way (yes I am that sad, lol) I really liked this months box and feel I will use 4/5 of the products included which hasn't necessarily been the case with all the beauty boxes I have received in the past.

So heres what was inside..............

What do you think to the products included?

So as I've not had time to review all the individual products recieved in the box this will be more of a review on the box itself and a bit of information on the products included. I will be reviewing some of the products at a later date once ive given them a good try and feel ive used them long enough to be able to offer a real review of the individual product (let me know if there is any products you would especially like to see a full review on).

So here goes, included in this months box were:

  • Eyeko - Skinny Liner, Powder pink - Full size £9.50 - This eyeliner is a lovely pale pink colour. When swatched it feels really creamy and doesnt pull or drag on the skin like some eyeliners can. Pigmentation is good and it is a really lovely colour, I think this will look great on the waterline of the eye to create that open eye and more awake look. Eyeko claims it has a long-lasting finish which I will be testing. Love the packaging and am very happy with this product as know it is something I will use.

  • Clarins Extra Firming Night Cream - 15ml sample size - Full size 50ml £48.00 - Clarins are well known for there skincare products and I am excited to try this product. I think it is probably aimed more for mature skin but can be used by all skin types. Clarins do also offer this product in a "very dry skin" option. Clarins’ intensive night-time skin renewal complex including soothing Rosemary, Alfalfa and the revitalising Glistin it claims to lift and tone while you sleep. Anything that can lift and tone my face while I sleep is fine by me. It helps define facial contours and promotes noticably younger looking skin. They are good size samples so will get a good feel for them which I am very happy about.

  • Clarins Extra Firming Day Cream - 15ml sample size - Full size 50ml £46.50 - So this is the day cream that is to be used in conjuction with the above night cream to recieve the best results. Again Clarins offer a "very dry skin" option but the one included in the box is suited to all skin types.  The day cream contains revitalising White Tea and Succory Dock-Cress which helps to lift, tone and smooth to create a younger looking skin. Both the day and night cream have big claims, as im only 24 im not sure I will notice the younger looking skin claim but I will be reviewing these as they skin claim to lift, tone and some the skin. Again very happy with this product.

  • FAB Body Moisturizer - 56.7g large sample size - Full size 226.8g £10.00 - This is the item im the least  excited about as every beauty box have sent body cream/moisturisers out. The FAB moisturizer claims to be a antioxidant booster and that it will nourish the skin, relieve dryness and lock in moisture. It also has no parabens, harsh chemicals or colorants which is good to know. I like my body creams  to smell really lovely and this doesnt! Doesnt really smell of much. It has a really thick consistency. It is suitable for sensitive skin so if you suffer from this and doesnt like a fragrances cream this maybe an option to try. Not sure about this one to be honest but like all products I buy/recieve I will give it a good try.

  • Murad -Hybrids Skin Perfecting Primer - 5ml Sample size - Full size 30ml £29.00 - This is the product I was most exciting about as I have no fixed holy grail primer in my collection and to be honest I need one as I have quite large pores on my cheek area. Murad claim it will ignite a radiant glow and its powered by light enhancing minerals. Its oil free and is designed to create a dewy finish. I wil be doing a full review on this product once I have used the sample.

Also in the box which I thought was so cute was a little piece of GlossyBox rock candy , how sweet - I'm a sucker for this kind of thing.
So thats was my January Valentines Edition of GlossyBox, did you like? Are you a subscriber of GlossyBox or even another beauty box? What did you think to your products?

Well hope you like the post peeps, let me know what you think and if you like I will do one of these every month when my beauty boxes arrive.

Well it's getting late and I'm at work in the morning :( so goodnight and speak soon.

Danielle x :(

Sunday, 29 January 2012

TAG: Seven Deadly Beauty Sins

Hi everyone.

I've just seen this on allthingsbeautymake-upandshoppings blog and thought it would be nice to do as my first ever tag. So here it is:

The Questions:

GREED - What is your most inexpensive beauty product? What is your most expensive?

I have a beautiful lipstick from MUA that I got in Superdrug for £1. It's lovely and moisturising and has good lasting power.

Most expensive product is probably my Chanel Vita Lumiere foundation that cost £33.

WRATH - What beauty products do you have a love/hate relationship with? What has been hardest to find?

I have a love/ hate relationship with concealers as I have such dark under eye circles it has been hard finding one that 1. Covers the circles and 2. Last throughout the day.

Hardest beauty product to find was definitely my L'oreal Superliner in carbon gloss, it's so popular that nearly everywhere that stocks it have no stock! Super annoying.

GLUTTONY - What are your most delicious beauty products?

All my Lush and body shop bath/shower products, they smell delicious, I just want to eat them not bath in them, lol. My favourite is The Comforter bubble bar from Lush.

SLOTH - What beauty product do you neglect due to laziness?

Primer. When I'm in a rush I skip it which I shouldn't as my foundation doesn't last as long and my pores on my cheeks are more noticeable.

PRIDE - What beauty product gives you more confidence?

Mascara. It makes me look more awake and makes my eyes standout that little bit more.

LUST - What beauty product makes you lust after the opposite sex the most?

A nice fresh smelling aftershave. I love CK one.

ENVY - What item would you most like to receive as a gift?

Id be grateful of any gift but the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette would be nice as I won't pay another £35+ for a similar palette to what I already have but I'd just like to have both in my collection.

I tag everyone in this...

Danielle x

Friday, 27 January 2012

My weight loss journey


So my new years resolution this year was to shed some major poundage and wanted to share my weight loss journey with you. Over the past 5 years I've slowly put on a lot of weight to the point that I barley look or feel like my self anymore.

I need to loose this weight so that I feel like me again! I'm also getting married in August this year and like every other woman I want to look and feel my best on my big day.

Loosing weight for me has never been easy and I've tried many times over the years. As I have Spina Bifida I can't excersie all that much which doesn't help! I've always got to the first stone loss stage and then loose my way and put it back on again very quickly but this year I am determined.

So a couple of weeks ago I joined Slimming World. I've been before and got on with the programme and lost over a stone so I know it works, I just have to stick at it!

First week I lost 2.5 pounds and second I lost 1.5pounds.

Total weight loss = 4lbs

All your help and support would be greatly appreciated. I really need this and just hope I have the strength to do it. I'm going to do a weekly post on this to keep everyone updated.

Danielle x :)

Pinky NOTD x

Just a quick NOTD (well NOTN as it's 11pm) :)

I've just done my nails fresh for work in the morning and really loved the end result so thought I would share.

To start I used OPIs natural nail base coat.
The main colour is No7 by Boots stay perfect nail colour in Perky 260. This is the first time I've warn this colour and I've fallen in love it is soooooo beautiful. A perfect dark pink with a nice glossy finish. I used two coats of this. I got this in boots and they are normally £7 but with a No7 £5 off voucher they only work out at £2 which is a bargain. They have a good range of colours and are really good quality nail polishes.
Now to add a bit of sparkle but not too much for work I used OPIs I Lilly Love you on my ring finger and thumb and think it's created a lovely not too over the top glittery look. I got I Lilly Love you in a minis set a while back that I absolutely love as all the colours are to die for. I got it as a gift but think it retails at about £10.95.

To finish the look off I applied OPIs rapidry top coat.

Love this look and will definitely be doing it again, makes me feel so girly.

Danielle x :)

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Jimmy Choo EDP

Hello there :)

I have absolutely been loving this fragrance so just had to do a post on it. It's the Jimmy Choo Eau de Parfum

I have the Eau de Parfum but they have recently released the Eau de Toillette. Normally when this happens the scents are the same or very similar but this is not the case with this. They smell like completely different fragrances. The EDP has a top notes of toffee and orange nectar where as the EDT has a top note of peach.

What Jimmy Choo say :

Jimmy Choo Parfum expresses an aura of strength and beauty and has a dazzling aura of glittering femininity.

Glamorous in attitude, confident, intelligent and with a sense of fashion and fun, the fragrance is a modern Fruity Chypre with warm, rich, woody depths. It’s a fragrance inspired by modern women – strong, empowered, beautiful, seductive and alluring with a hidden and mysterious sense of confident sexuality.

This has been my go to fragrance since Christmas and I love it for day and night although some people may find it to much for the daytime but I love it no matter the time. Like I said it has a note of toffee and has a deep woody sweet smell to it. Not at all floral or fruity. You don't need much so think it will last me a while even though I'm wearing it nearly everyday. Sorry I've not got a picture of the bag but it's full of my stuff and to be honest it doesn't look as nice and shiny as when I got it! There is a picture of it on the website I've linked below.

I paid £48.50 for 60ml from the perfume shop and as part of a special offer I received a black Jimmy Choo bag with it. The bag is lovely and I'm using it as an everyday bag as it's quite big so I can fit everything in I need.

So if you like sweet smelling perfumes I'd check this out as it is too lovely to miss out on. If your not into the sweet smells and would prefer something lighter try the EDT, I loved that too but the EDP won me over slightly more (I think I may purchase the other come spring as I would be a lovely spring/summer fragrance).

You can find both scents here and the offer with the bag is still on so it's well worth checking out.

Well hope you enjoyed and let me know if you own either one and what you think of it.

Danielle x :)

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Bit of Accessorize <3


Hope all is well in the world. I've have a quiet weekend but did manage a spot of shopping. I picked up a few cute bits in Accesorize and thought I'd share them with you. Xx :)

This cute note pad and pen were so cute I couldn't resist, ideal for all those blogging ideas, etc. I paid £8 for both. On the expensive side but the pad is super thick and will last a long while.

I've never bought any makeup from Accessorize but was drawn to this blusher. The packaging is super nice and the blush it's self is lovely. It has a rosy/mauve/gold marble effect, I'm excited to get using this. It was £5 which I think is reasonable for a mineral blusher. I got it in the shade scandal.

The ring was a steal (not literally) reduced from £8 to £1. I love it and even more so when it was only a quid!

Thanks Danielle x :)

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Superdrug Cosmetics Haul

Hello anybody??

So the Superdrug where I live is rubbish to say the least! We only have around 4 makeup stands and they are tiny. So I just love going out of town to shop as I just have so much more selection. I love Sleek products so every opportunity to have a browse at their stand makes me very happy. Although I do love high end make up I have just as much love for certain drugstore brands.

I didn't get loads as I'd already spent too much by the time I got to Superdrug and was trying to be a good girl.

So I ended up getting:

Collection 2000 Lasting perfection concealer (shade 2) - I have heard so many great things about this concealer that I had to try it. At £3.69 I don't think you can go wrong. I'll be trying this out over the next few weeks and will do a review on it.

Barry M Dazzledust in Iced Pink for £4.59 - I bought this as I have another in a deep brown colour and love the effect these dazzle dusts create. I use the brown one in my crease if I am wanting a dark shimmery smokey eye look. The iced pink I got to use in the inner corners of my eyes to create that more open eyed awake look.

Barry M Lip Lacquer crayon in No2 for £4.99. - I bought this as I saw it on one of my favourite blogs and as I'm such a sucker for a lip product (or any beauty product for that matter) I just had to try it. There was lots of other nice colours but loved this glossy red colour.

Sleek Pout Polish in Pink Cadillac for £4.29 - have this in another colour and really like it so thought would try this one. Leaves lips feeling lovely and soft and smells yummy.

Sorry for the lighting in the picture but I find it near impossible to get the time to take the photos for blogging in daylight hours.

Danielle x:)

Monday, 23 January 2012

Mac Haul

Hello there.

So today I had a day of shopping and loved every second of it. I made quite a few purchases but as always I bought a few items from the Mecca of makeup Mac. I actually ordered a few things online from Mac the other day and am still waiting for them to arrive but couldn't resist going in and low and behold I came out with a black bag full of goodies!

So I ended up getting
Lipstick - sweetie - lustre finish £13.50
Dazzleglass - extra amps £14.00
Fluid line - black tracks £16.50
168 contouring brush - £26.00

One of the items was an extra special purchase, I thought the dazzleglass would be lovely for my wedding makeup. It's going to be hard staying away from it until then though, don't think I can make any promises!

I do love Mac brushes but find them so expensive that I only have a few of them but after speaking to one of the artists in the shop I decided to take the plunge and get the 168 for contouring under my cheekbones. I've yet to try it out but at £26.00 I'm expecting miracles, lol.

So yeah that was my Mac haul. I may do a review of the fluid line at a later date as I've not tried it before and am looking forward to using it.

Danielle x :)

My Mac Lipstick Collection

Hello there.

Today I'm going to blog about my Mac lipstick collection. I am a lipstick and lipgloss addict! I have a lot of them to say the least. Even with this been the case I only recently starting collecting Mac lipsticks.

Mac lipsticks retail at £13.50 and come in selection of finishes which I think is great as different people tend to like different finishes. For example I tent to suffer from dry lips and even with a coat of lip balm or vaseline before hand I find I can't pull of matte lipsticks but I know loads of people who love them and they look great in them.

So here is my collection.

From left to right we have Pink nouveux(satin), Vegas volts (amplified), Brave (satin), Milan mode (lustre), Lustering (lustre), and Impassioned (amplified).

My favourite of my collection is Milan mode, it's a beautiful pinky purple with slight shimmers. As it's a lustre finish I find it very moisturising and feel lovely on my lips.

I hope you enjoyed my collection. Thanks, Danielle x :)

OPI and China Glaze Spring Purchases

Hello there x

So recently I've found my self purchasing a few items that will be perfect for the upcoming season of spring. Two of those purchases I am going to talk about in this post. They are some lovely nail polishes. Both of these are perfect shades for spring. The first one is OPIs Do You Lilac It? The second one is China Glazes For Audrey.

Do You Lilac It is a lovely pastel lilac colour. It is so beautiful! (it's not spring yet and I've got it on today) For Audrey is a pastel green and will be perfect in the spring season.
To be honest if I like a colour I tent to wear it no matter what the season. My favourite colours are pink and purple and I wear them all year round. When I saw both these colours though they did remind me of the spring time.
As I find with all OPI and China Glaze polishes they went on my nails lovely and lasted a few days before chipping (this was with a base and top coat). I did notice Do You Lilac It did last slightly longer that For Audrey. I always apply 2 coats and to be honest feel most polishes look better for it.

I bought both polishes off eBay and paid around £8 for Do you Lilac it and £5 for For Audrey which is a bargain as OPI usually retail at £10.50. Both are full size 15ml.

Hope you enjoyed the post. Please comment with any requests of posts you would like to see on my blog. Below are links for each of the polishes.



Danielle x :)

Sunday, 22 January 2012

REVIEW: OPIs Touring America mini collection

Hi, the other day I bought the OPI touring America mini collection and am going to review it on here. I'm sure everyone knows how great OPI nail polishes are but in case you don't there fab!

The colours included in the collection were:

My Address is "Hollywood" (in photo) - a beautiful rosey pink with a slight shimmer.

French Quarter for You Thoughts - beautiful creamy grey.

A-Taupe the Space Needle (in photo) - a lovely creamy taupe colour.

Honk If You Love OPI - a deep grape colour.

All colours need 2 coats. They are all lovely consistency and go on lovely. I'm not sure I will use all the colours, I'm not overly keen on Honk if You Love OPI but think I will wear the other 3 colours a lot. The collection retails at £10.50 which includes 4x 3.75 nail polishes. All in all I'm glad I purchased this collection and look forward to wearing the polishes especially My Address is "Hollywood".

Hope this is OK going as it's my first ever review. Thanks, Danielle x x

Hello x

Hi, this is my first ever post on my blog. I'm very excited to be starting this blog as I've read other people's blogs for a while now and thought what the hell I'll give it a whirl. My blog is going to be mainly about beauty, so makeup, skincare, hair, nails etc. So tomorrow I'm going to try my first review on here. let's see how this all works out, well I hope. fingers crossed! X